1850 Multnomah County, Oregon Mortality Schedule

Abstracted from Public Records Loan Microfilm 71, located at Oregon State Archives.

The 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 United States censuses have a separate schedule for all people who died one year prior to June 1st of the census year. Since few states had a system for recording deaths, these records are extremely valuable to family historians.

The mortality schedules offer us an unique picture of the causes of death of the times. Many of the names of the diseases have passed into history.

Name County Age Sex Month Birth State Occupation Cause of Death Days
Athy, Mary Washington 2 Fem Nov. O. T. Unknown 3 mo.
Bellinger, Edward Marion 36 Male Oct. N. Y. farmer Aneurysm 30
Biamaise, Angelique Marion 24 Fem May O. T. Consumption 40
Bird, James Yamhill 2 Male Unk. O. T. Brain disease 6
Bowman, Elizabeth Polk 65 Fem Nov. Pa. Consumption
Clark, James Linn 35 Male Jul. N.Y. farmer Consumption years
Clyne, Joseph Marion 2 Male Sep. O. T. Flux 9
Coffin, Charles Washington 8 mo. Male Apr. O. T. Unknown 7
Colder, John Clark 35 Male Nov. Hudson's Bay voyageur Bilious Fever 15
Cox, John Marion 5 Male Mar Mo. Scarlet Fever 9
Crowell, John Marion 31 Male Aug. N. Y. Uncertain 15
Curtendall, J. Clatsop 28 Male Dec. Mo. farmer Dysentery 40
Cutting, James Clackamas 30 Male Feb. N. H. no occ. Fever 20
Davis, William Benton 6 mo. Male Oct. O. T. Croup 1
Gibson, George Marion 3 Male Dec. Mo. Typhus Fever 11
Gibson, Joseph M. Marion 6 Male Dec. Mo. Typhus Fever 17
Gibson, M. Marion 24 Fem Nov. Ky. Typhus Fever 11
Harrison, Cyrus N. Washington 1 Male Jan. O. T. Unknown 1
Helm, John w. Linn 20 Male Jul. Ky. Consumption years
Hunt, Temperance Marion 46 Fem Oct. N. C. laborer Dropsy 120
Hurly, Julian Washington 4 Fem May Ia. Fever 11
Jackson, James Clackamas 1 Male Jan. O. T. Cholera
Johnson, Philip H Washington 1 Male Apr. O. T. Diarrhea 5
Larkins, William Clackamas 55 Male Mar. Tenn. Gastritis
Leggot, Thomas S Polk 27 Male Jan. Mo. farmer Fever 8
Looney, William Marion 32 Male Aug. Tenn. farmer Drowned
Loyea, John Washington 50 Male Dec. Canada farmer Apoplexy 2 hrs
Manier, Mary Marion 11 Fem Oct. Ill. Fever 9
Martin, William Polk 2 mo. Male Mar O. T. White Swelling 20
McKinley, Peter Clackamas 6 mo. Male Feb. O. T. Worms 8
Morgan, Daniel Benton 30 Male Aug. Unk. farmer Consumption
Paterson, Sarah Marion 32 Fem May N. C. Unknown 180
Pool, Charles Clatsop 18 Male Dec. Mass. sailor Dysentery 30
Rice, Francis A. Washington 3 Male Dec. O. T. Bowel Inflammation 7
Rice, Rosalie Washington 1 Fem Dec. O. T. Bowel Inflammation 5
Smith, David H. Marion 11 Male Dec. Mo. Drowned
Smith, Dexter Clatsop 2 Male Nov. O. T. Typhus Fever 20
Stephens, Emmer Washington 21 Male Jan. Ind. Murdered
Switzler, Maria Clackamas 42 Fem May Tenn. farmer Diarrhea 17
Tuston, Mary Yamhill 8 Fem Apr. Ill. Fever 6 mo.
Vanderpoole, Catherine Polk 3 Fem Jul. O. T. Croup 1
Walters, Rachael Washington 68 Fem Oct. Pa. Diarrhea 5
Warden, Henry Lewis 25 Male Feb. N. Y. engineer Dysentery 40
Whitmore, William Clatsop 48 Male Dec. Mass. farmer Dysentery year
Wilkins, Catharine Washington 28 Fem Dec. Rocky Mtns. Lung inflammation 1
Wirt, Jerusha Clatsop 31 Fem Feb. N. J. Childbirth 2
Zumwalt, Thomas R. Polk 26 Male Jan. Mo. farmer Fever 7

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