1880 Multnomah County, Oregon Mortality Schedule

Abstracted by Connie Lenzen from

Public Records Loan Microfilm 71, located at Oregon State Archives.


In 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880, the census enumerator asked questions for additional "schedules" besides the regular population schedule.

In 1880, the schedules, or lists, were:

The Oregon schedules were microfilmed by the Oregon State Archives as "Public Records Loan Microfilm 71". A copy is at the Oregon State Archives, the Oregon State Library, and the Genealogical Forum of Oregon.

There are 345 names on the 1880 Mortality Schedule for Multnomah County, Oregon. One should assume that is not a complete list of people who died between 1 June 1879 and 31 May 1880. The census enumerator might have forgotten to ask the question on his visits to the houses, and other human errors could have crept in.

The following arrangement is alphabetical, but that is not the way the names are arranged in the film. They are arranged by Enumeration District. Inside the Enumeration District, they are arranged as the census enumerator walked the district.

Not all the information on the schedule was abstracted. The researcher is encouraged to read the original documents for the "missing" information: sex, color, marital status, occupation, place of birth of parents, how long in the county, place where disease was contracted if not at the place of death, where was the place, and name of attending physician.

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Precinct Surname Name Month Age Cause of death
ED139 Abraham A. (female) June 32 yr Confinement
ED101 Alexander W. A. May 35 yr Consumption
ED 097 Allison Joseph Nov. 42 yr Consumption
ED 097 Allison Mary Oct. 03 yr Debility
ED099 Anderson Peter Nov. 34 yr Typhoid fever
ED099 Andrews Geo. R. Aug. 03/12 yr Cholera Infantum
ED100 Antoine Mary June 10/12 yr Congestive chill
ED099 Arnold Maud Aug. 05/12 yr Cholera Infantum
ED 243 Arpin Edward A. June 23 yr Brights disease of the kidneys

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ED 097 Badel Johann Feb. 60 yr Heart disease
ED 097 Baldwin Female Feb. 0 yr Stillborn
ED140 Barrows Mary J. May 36 yr Embolia
ED139 Bassy I. T. (male) Apr. 09/12 yr Pneumonia
ED 096 Beatty (mother's name) Male Oct. 07/12 yr Marasmus
ED099 Berckner Philip Oct. 32 yr Typhoid
ED 096 Bird C. E. May 04 yr Croup
ED 093 Blake Isabella - 75 yr Heart disease
ED101 Boeschen C. W. Nov. 10/12 yr Cholera Infantum
ED099 Bonart August Feb. 36 yr Shot accidentally
ED 092 Bonner John Dec. 50 yr Dropsy
ED099 Borgman Warp Dec. 28 yr Cystic Tumor
ED099 Bowan David Oct. 74 yr Senility
ED 093 Boydon A. (male) Sep. 02 yr Typhoid fever
ED099 Bradley Chas. June 0 yr Childbirth
ED 093 Brady B. Aug. 41 yr Heart disease
ED099 Brenner Anna Mar. 30 yr Phthisis
ED 097 Briggs Alice Apr. Enlargement of larynx
ED 094 Browen Ile - Pistol shot wound
ED099 Brown Elizabeth July 01 yr Cholera Infantum
ED101 Burke John Oct. 47 yr Inflammation of stomach
ED 091 Burlingam C. A. (male) Aug. 05/12 yr Cholera Infantum
ED099 Burnham G. W. Apr. 28 yr Typhoid fever
ED099 Burrows Arthur Aug. 85 yr Strangulated hernia
ED 243 Burton Jn. J. Sep. 63 yr Heart disease
ED099 Burttle John Feb. 64 yr Phthisis

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ED 094 Can H. L. (male) Oct. 08/12 yr Cholera Infantum
ED101 Cangell Elizabeth Jan. 03 yr
ED099 Cannon Thomas Feb. 34 yr Phthisis
ED099 Cardiff Miles Sep. 84 yr Paralysis
ED099 Carney Andrew Sep. 04 yr Diphtheria
ED101 Carr Margaret June 36 yr Chronic Mania
ED 093 Carter Infant female Jan. 0 yr Stillborn
ED 243 Caruthers Harriet Mar. 18 yr Typhoid fever
ED 093 Caruthers Tillie Mar. 18 yr Typhoid fever
ED 097 Castro Lulu M. July 02 yr Convulsions
ED 092 China Man Mar. 27 yr Suicide
ED 092 Ching Mr. Oct. 52 yr Dropsy
ED 097 Christianson Kate Aug. 05/12 yr Cholera Infantum
ED 189 Cittenden Lyman Dec. 17 yr Consumption
ED 093 Clark Geo. Mar. 03 yr Scarlet fever
ED 243 Clark Mary S. Apr. 37 yr Consumption
ED101 Clark Samuel W. Sep. 04 yr Brain fever
ED 093 Clarke Mary Apr. 30 yr Labu mesuleria (sic)
ED099 Cogill Thos. May 34 yr Syphilis
ED098 Cole Frederick Sep. 21 yr Overdose of Morphine
ED 243 Connor Francis Mar. 53 yr Congestion of brain
ED140 Cook Anna Jan. 86 yr General Debility
ED 093 Corene Mrs. M. Sep. 25 yr Childbirth
ED 090 Corson Harry May 10 yr Meningitis
ED 243 Crawford Mary J. Sep. 01 yr Cholera Infantum
ED139 Cronch C. E. Feb. 06/12 yr Teething
ED139 Cronch L. E. (male) Sep. 17 da Spinal tumor
ED101 Crouzillean L. L. May 58 yr Marasmus
ED099 Cummings Daisy July 03 yr Diphtheria
ED099 Cummings Gracie June 01 yr Diphtheria

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ED 097 Dalmond Jos. Oct. 52 yr Killed by falling tree
ED139 Davis George Apr. 28 da Inanition
ED139 Davis Infant male Apr. 01 da Premature birth
ED 093 Dawson P. Oct. 39 yr Phthisis tuberculosis
ED099 Dercker F. June 45 yr Brights disease
ED 092 Dickenthaler Joseph Mar. 29 yr Consumption
ED 097 Dickhoff Anna Apr. 29 yr Consumption
ED101 Dickinson L. Sep. 40 yr Epilepsy
ED099 Dolan Bernard Aug. 19 yr Inflammatory Rheumatism
ED 094 Domer Jno. Aug. 89 yr Senile debility
ED 093 Drake Minnie Apr. 04 yr Measles
ED099 Dreckshagen Jno. July 74 yr Senility
ED 243 Dufer Frances B. Jan. 29 yr Consumption
ED098 Dunbar Alexander Feb. 65 yr Paralysis
ED 189 Dunn Fred J. Jan. 08 yr Diphtheria
ED 097 Dupont Chs. July 57 yr Falling into hot lye

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ED 092 Eccles Christ Apr. 46 yr Consumption
ED 096 Edwards Kate Sep. 04 yr Spinal
ED095 Elkeles Abraham May 17 yr Bilious Fever
ED 093 Ellis (Jewish) Mrs. Aug. 72 yr Heart disease
ED 092 Ellison James Nov. 30 yr Drowned by accident
ED 092 Ennis B. Viola Mar. 02 1/2 yr Inflammation of stomach
ED099 Ennis John Apr. 20 yr Stricture of Urethra
ED099 Evans Abba Sep. 15 yr Diphtheria
ED099 Evans Dora July 13 yr Diphtheria

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