Civil War Veterans Buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

St. Mary's Cemetery

St. Mary’s Cemetery closed in 1930. The Archdiocese sent letters to lot owners advising them of the cemetery’s closure and offered space in Mount Calvary. Announcements were also published in newspapers. Between 1930 and 1937, people stepped up and made arrangements for transfer of family remains. In 1937 the Archdiocese contracted with a professional crew to carefully excavate the cemetery. Some of the burials were transferred to family plots in Mount Calvary. When there was no family, the remains were moved to the St Mary's section in Mount Calvary.


Civil War veterans

Black, Daniel
Brady, Brian
Daly, Patrick
DeBurgh, Charles
Dougherty, Edward J.
Fegan, Garrett
Johnson, Edward
Joyce, John
Kehoe, Joseph
Kelly, Hugh
Kissel, Valentine
Malone, Michael
McCabe, Bernard
McDonald, Augustine"
Parmentier, Louis W.
Riley, Martin
Weiser, John
White, Samuel Charles
Williams, Peter S.
Winters, John J.



22 February 2013

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